Each and every person walks in as a client, but leaves as a friend. I take special care to meet the specific needs and wants of each individual. Taking into account age and facial structure, I work with you to customize your look with what will become a subtle look that no one will know isn’t really your hair. Some may opt for an aggressive edge up versus a natural and soft, feathered hairline… each of which is personalized for everyone.

No matter what you choose, know that in the end, you will have one less worry in your life because… being BALD is an OPTION!

Let me make you the STAR of your own show and make you a HEADLINER!


Having been in the scalp micropigmentation industry since 2013, David has had over 3,000 clients so far (and counting). He has received multiple awards and accolades as one of the BEST SMP artists in the world as recognized by his professional peers. David has also worked with charitable organizations dealing with children with Alopecia and Alopecia Awareness. His passion for helping others, along with his genuine caring and level of perfection is what keeps men and women coming to him to perform their procedures with the utmost level of artistry, consideration and sincerity.

David was the very first cosmetic artist to become a Pro Team Ambassador for Bishop Rotary, the worldwide leader of tattoo machines and products, and speaheaded the launching of Bishop SMP into the cosmetic field of tatooing. Working directly with Franco Vescovi, he helped hand select the very best SMP artists in the world to futher assist with the international success of Bishiop SMP for the future of the scalp micropigmentation industry.


Make the change

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